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ELOY  Conference & Awards will hold on the 27th & 29th of November 2020

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Register for the ELOY Sustainable Empowerment Webinar series

Since 2018, ELOY Awards Foundation has empowered women through grants and information on affordable finance, entrepreneurial training, mentoring and networking for sustainable empowerment. The ELOY Awards Foundation strives to always live up to this expectations by empowering and challenging women…

ELOY 2019 Call for for Exhibitors

The ELOY Awards and Conference team is pleased to announce to all vendors that registrations for exhibition booths are now open for the ELOY Conference. The ELOY Conference is set to take place on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at The…

FIRS Sponsors ELOY Awards and Conference 2019

The ELOY Awards and Conference 2019 team is pleased to announce FIRS as one of the ELOY awards category sponsors. FIRS is charged with the primary responsibility of assessing, collecting and accounting to the Government for various Federal taxes. The…

Meet our panelist

The 1st annual ELOY conference is a part of the initiative of the ELOY awards Foundation. The ELOY Conference is being used as a platform to educate and empower thousands of women. The ELOY Awards Foundation is about empowering and…




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