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Register For The ELOY Sustainable Empowerment Webinar Series

Register for the ELOY Sustainable Empowerment Webinar series

Since 2018, ELOY Awards Foundation has empowered women through grants and information on affordable finance, entrepreneurial training, mentoring and networking for sustainable empowerment.

The ELOY Awards Foundation strives to always live up to this expectations by empowering and challenging women
to be more and do more by providing access to resources, business skills and tools for them to be able to grow, transform and sustain their businesses, which will, in turn, benefit their families and the community at large.

Join us as we discuss different topics with our distinguished speakers on how to continue to build and sustain your business in 2020 and beyond.
Looking forward to our speakers sharing their knowledge with us and our host Tewa Onasanya Founder of the ELOY Awards Foundation.

Save the dates:

Day 3 : 29th of July,  Day 4 : 12th August, Day 5: 26th August, Day 6: 9th September, Day 7 23rd September.

Click here to register and share with your friends who are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Every business can survive in 2020 and beyond giving the right tools and

We look forward to hosting you.

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