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The category list for the prestigious ELOY AWARDS 2023 powered by Tingo Mobile.


Our theme this year Resilience is to celebrate women who have withstood adversity and bounced back from difficult life events, year after year. This year, we want the world to KNOW HER NAME. We want to celebrate them to inspire other women and men. The ELOYs is also continuing to encourage women to support one another. We are also highlighting the fact that resilience is required to be successful in ones endeavor. The more effort you put into your business, the better result you get. Know her name!

Here are the nominees for the 15th ELOY Awards 2023. These women have been nominated for their achievements, resilience during the ELOY year Sept 2022 to Oct 2023.

We would be celebrating Women making a difference in the following sectors

ELOY Award for Agriculture

A woman who has achieved significant business success in the agricultural and agri business field with great impact in her community and country as a whole.

ELOY Award for Social Enterprise

This award is for a woman who is leading a Social Enterprise impacting lives through their activities, to solve economic and social issues. She is providing solutions to cultural, educational, environmental or financial challenges with her innovative product or service.


ELOY Award for Entrepreneurship

A woman in business. An entrepreneur who has demonstrated success in her sector through her work, leadership and excellence.




Innovative Fashion Entrepreneur

This award is for a woman in the fashion industry who is making an impact and an employer of labour, who has been consistent and creative within the ELOY year.

ELOY Award for Technology

This is for a woman who is excelling and driving innovation in the technology space whilst closing the gender gap.

Innovative Beauty Entrepreneur

This is for a woman in the beauty industry making a mark and an employer of labour, could be a makeup artist

On Air Personality

A woman on radio who is using her platform to educate, entertain, inspire people.


TV Personality

A female TV personality who uses her platform to entertain, educate and inspire others.

ELOY Award for Content Creator

A female who has been creating valuable entertaining or educational materials expressed to social and traditional media.

ELOY Award for Young Entrepreneur

A woman under 35 actively running a business. A female entrepreneur who has demonstrated success in her sector through her work, leadership and excellence.


ELOY Award for Humanitarian (NGO)

A woman who has made a significant social impact in the community and Nigeria.

ELOY Award for Influencer

Someone who has been able to sway people towards brands she represents. She inspires and guides the action of others

ELOY Award for Business Coach

A woman, who is a mentor who supports, educates and motivates business owners.

ELOY Award for Trendsetter

Someone who is using her skills start a trend in fashion, style.

ELOY Award for Financial Coach – This is an award for the woman who is a specialist in finance, teaching money management and helping people reach their money goals.


ELOY Award For Catering Services

This is an award for a woman in the food business whose passion can be tasted in her quality meals. She is also an employer of labour and inspires people

ELOY Award for Innovative Startup

This is for a woman who has built a new company by identifying opportunities and developing products and services to solve problems in unique ways.



ELOY Recognition Awards chosen by the ELOY Awards Foundation.

ELOY Foundation Award for Business Woman on the ELOY Sustainable Empowerment Program – This is an award for the woman that shows the most personal and business growth during the ELOY Foundation SEP


HE4SHE : This award is for a man who using his platform to support, empower women and advocates for women.


ELOY HONOURARY AWARD FOR A WOMAN WHO ADVOCATES FOR CHANGE – – An ELOY award for a woman who invests her time to advocate for change.



This is to recognise her contributions during her lifetime, outstanding vision, dedication, commitment and resilience.





A woman who can fill someone with the desire to do something worthwhile.


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